Learning with Dianna on Tuesday

Learning with Dianna’s class on Tuesday…

I learnt that when there is a group situation with an assessment due, Jesse and I were able to pull together under pressure to get the job done!

Jesse went above and beyond what was required of him and took on extra work to ensure successful assessment submission.



My Plan for the Week


  • Morning walk the babies
  • Load of washing
  • Clean the dog mess in the yard
  • Cut back bush on side of the house & the dead flowers on the other bush
  • Work 12pm-3pm
  • Take Vicky to her Doctors appointment 3:15pm for her check up
  • Go to butcher to purchase bones to make a bone broth soup
  • Walk and feed the babies
  • Work 5pm -9pm


  • Morning walk the babies
  • Purchase from Coles:
    • Hommus
    • Bagged Salad
    • Low fat yougurt
    • Aged cheddar cheese
    • Lunch meats
    • Banana bread cake mix
    • Milk
  • Clear out space from the second bedroom wardrobe remove all clothes and blankets
  • Prepare and put in slow cooker bone broth soup
  • Work 12pm – 3pm
  • Walk and feed the babies
  • Rest
  • Work 5pm – 9pm

What I’ve learnt this week

What I’ve learnt this week

  • MS word – Starting to comprehend how to create ER  diagrams and logical data diagrams for data bases.
  • How to create a new template in Dreamweaver.

MySQL Training


7th March 2017

What have I learnt in the last 7 days?

  • Reading over notes before class from the previous week really helps!
  • Going home and reading over what we have learned so far in class really helps!
  • Watching Lynda videos really helps!
  • Setting aside times for study at home along with locking your self up in a room where you will not getting distracted, really helps!
  •  Showing up for class on time, really helps!